Projector Screen

Buy Projector Screen in Singapore

Looking to purchase a projector screen in Singapore? Stationery World is your number 1 supplier! Whether you are looking to recreate your very own movie theatre experience or do your presentations in style, we’ve got you covered with projector screens that offer the best quality and highest definition possible.

Portable Projector Screen

Our portable projector screen offers immense convenience – it can be easily carried anywhere in Singapore, indoor or outdoor. With a brilliant lustre projection surface, Stationery World is here to bring you incredible movie experiences, along with an outstanding theatre effect, everywhere you go.

On the lookout for one with a tripod stand so you can save the hassle of hanging it on the walls? Our portable projector screens hit all the right spots! Beyond that, our portable projector screens also come with an integral overhead arm, which enables you to set your screen at the right angle, without compromising on the quality.

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Deli Tripod Projection Screen 1970 x 1480mm 50491
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