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An easel is a frame that supports objects. It is a functional tool that is a must-have in all working, learning and living spaces.

If you are on the hunt for an easel stand, Stationery World has a collection for you to choose from.

Who Are We?

Stationery World is a one-stop website for outstanding stationery and office supplies. Rooted in over 30 years of experience in supplying office equipment, IT products and stationery, we aim to give you a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience. Find out more about our company by clicking here.

From easels, whiteboards, glass boards, and more. We have everything you would ever need for your office space.

However, we do more than just provide practical stationery and office supplies. We strive to go above and beyond to give all our customers the best experience possible. Our company aims to provide a myriad of office solutions to help you boost efficiency and productivity.

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Black Aluminium Easel S-EA-02
$null [ min. 0 ]
Quartet Magnetic Mobile Easel EU2000TE
$null [ min. 0 ]
Easel Drawing Whiteboard for Children Double-Sided Dexi Bobo DXA2D
$null [ min. 0 ]
Easel Drawing Whiteboard for Children WP-K3D
$null [ min. 0 ]
Junior Mobile Board Dexi Bobo (2 Trays) #DXA2S
$null [ min. 0 ]
Deli Whiteboard Flipchart Easel Stand E7891B
$null [ min. 0 ]
3M Easel Wall Hanger Pack of 2 EH559
$null [ min. 0 ]
Deli Adjustable Aluminium Tripod Easel Stand 73880
$null [ min. 0 ]
Deli Double Sided Drawing Easel for Children 110 x 52 cm E7898
$null [ min. 0 ]
Wooden Easel 1.5m
$29.00 [ min. 5 ]
Wooden Easel 1.75m
$null [ min. 0 ]
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