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Picture this: it is payday. Everyone in the office is eager to get their pay. But you, the human resource manager, are struggling to finish writing all the cheques to be issued as you had a late night.

If you need some assistance to issue cheques on payday, then you NEED to get a cheque writer, pronto!

This cutting-edge machine is a must-have for all human resource management departments as it saves you the hassle of having to pen cheques by hand. Instead, a cheque writer machine will pen cheques automatically and efficiently with just the press of a button. When you leverage a cheque writer, the days of manual cheque-writing are over.

Where can you get this cutting-edge device? Stationery World, of course! We carry cheque writers from some of the most renowned names in Singapore the rest of the world including Biosystem, Aurora, Max and Nibo. Shop for a premium cheque writer online at Stationery World: the top stationery and office accessories provider.

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Biosystem Security iCheque 5 Cheque Writer
$259.20 $280.00
$null [ min. 0 ]
Biosystem Cheque Writer F1
$217.54 $250.00
$null [ min. 0 ]
Aurora Cheque Writer EC-12
$null [ min. 0 ]
MAX Cheque Writer EC30A
$null [ min. 0 ]
Biosystem Security iCheque 4 Cheque Writer
$259.20 $305.68
$null [ min. 0 ]
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