Deli Magic Tack 75g EA21710

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Household | Handicraft | Factory | Classroom | Office

  • Strong viscosity
  • Hold items firmly for over 24 hours
  • Safety & environmental protection, rubber clay, non- toxic, low odour
  • Multi-purpose adhesive putty, stick, seal, position, plays an important role in home, office and school
  • Adheres paper and small objects to most materials and surfaces including wood, tile, glass, metal, plaster, plastic, porcelain, cinderblock and more
  • Ideal to tack poster, memo, hold cables, wires, position items on desk or floor

Size of Tack: 2 x 2cm
Size of Packaging: 135 x 92mm, 75g
Material:Rubber, Clay, Glue
Colour: White
Spec. 1: 75 grams/pad (54 tacks)
Spec. 2: 6 x 9 tacks


  • Apply on clean, dry, non-grease, non-porous surfaces
  • Thumb press to stick