Tombow Mono Correction Tape 4.2mm CT-PXN4



Correction tape with improved usability and texture. The sophisticated design and high durability add a personal touch to this office supply. The Body is made of durable polycarbonate monocoque and attached with a rubber grip made of double layer of elastomer resin for lasting comfortable grip without peeling off because of sweat and friction.


  • Stable Performance: The internal mechanism is completely separable from the case, not affected by shock and external pressure.
  • Slide Head Cover: Transparent resin is used for the cover. It protects the tape from smears.
  • One-Touch Cartridge: Simply remove the used cartridge from the back to replace it with a new one with no trouble.
  • Wide Transparent Window: Allow you to check the remaining amount of tape.
  • Enviromentally Friendly: Eco Mark certified product (Cartridge). Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database (Body).


  • Material: Body: Polycarbonate resin / Grip: Elastomer
  • Weight: 23g
  • Product Dimensions: L:102 x W:37 × D:22 (mm)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Tombow Mono Correction Tape 4.2mm CT-PXN4