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Time Card Pad of 50

S$4.00 After GST $4.28


Time card provides track time for payroll and billing. Bi-weekly format, these cards are printed on the front with blue ink from 1-15 days and back printed with red ink from days 16-31. Each card has preprinted with space for employee number, employee name, date, regular hours, extra hours, CPF, deductions and actual pay data fields. The time card measures 8.6 x 18.4 cm and the pack contains 50 cards.


  • Quality Paper: Sturdy card stock paper, create crisp and clear prints.
  • Double Sided Timecards: Day 1-15 (Font), 16-31 (Back)
  • Time Record: Six In/Out column for A.M, P.M. and Overtime.


  • Product Weight: 260g
  • Package Contents: 1 x Time Card Pad of 50

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