Max Electric Stapler EH-70F2



The New MAX EH-70FII Heavy-Duty Electric Flat Clinch Stapler has a new improved design, usability, and safety while maintaining the primary quality performance as the popular EH-70F. It can staple 2 to 70 sheets with a clean flat clinch finish and provides professional-quality continuous stapling with easy snap in 5,000 staple cartridges.


  • Flat Clinch Mechanism: Can staple from 2 to 70 sheets (64gsm) continuously without changing staple.
  • Auto-Manual Stapling Mode: Easily switch between selectable stapling mode.
  • Clear Case: Allows you to see the actual stapling position clearly.
  • Unique Paper Guide: Allows convenient corner stapling (45 degree).
  • Adjustable Stapling Depth: For ideal stapling stapling position adjustable approx. 3 to 18mm (Manual) / 6 to 18mm (Auto).
  • 4-Point Rubber Grips: Help stabilize the stapler for best stapling performance.
  • Additional Safety Structure: Metal frame finger guard and restricted access to interlock.
  • LED Status "Lamp": The indicator flashes to notify you when it is time to load staples.
  • Easy Loading Staple Cartridge: Staples 5,000 times continuously without reloading the staple cartridge.
  • QR Code: Enables you to access the product manual easily from QR code.


  • Power Source: DC24V, 2.1A
  • Capacity: 2-70 sheets (64gsm)
  • Staples: No.70FE staple cartridge
  • Stapling Mode: Auto-stapling / Manual-stapling
  • Stapling Speed: 2 staples per second
  • Loading Capacity: 5,000 staples
  • Insertion Depth: Adjustable approx. 3 to 18mm (Manual) / 6 to 18mm (Auto)
  • Product Dimensions: W:113 x D:229 x H:113 (mm)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Max Electric Stapler EH-70F2