Legamaster Magic Chart Notes Blackboard Box of 25 7-159200


Packing dimensions: W: 615 x H: 95 x D: 90 (mm)
Weight (gross/net): 588 g / 710 g
  • Creates an instant writing surface, even when a whiteboard or flipchart are not available
  • Erasable when used in combination with Legamaster board markers
  • Electrostatic foil easily sticks to almost any surface (wood, concrete, glass, wallpaper)
  • Environmentally friendly: fully recyclable.


  • Roll width 60 cm, perforations every 80 cm, 25 sheets, including one neon marker edding 725
  • Can be written on using: - edding neon board markers - edding paint markers
  • No adhesive required, leaves no traces
  • Sheets can be repositioned easily
  • Presentation cards and notices will stick without help simply by smoothing them onto the foil
  • Roll width 60 cm, perforations every 80 cm, 25 sheets