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iThinking Rhino Hammer

S$56.00 After GST $59.92


The Rhino Hammer is a brand new yet simple type of hand tool which allows you to adorn your creative lifestyle, solving little problems in your life when you need a hammer. It is all about creating more surprises on using a hammer and having more fun.

  • 12cm x 4.5cm x 8cm
  • The body of the Rhino is made of aluminum which is light and rust resistant. The ears part is made of rubber to distinguish it from the solid part, and gives it a sense of softness. The hamming surface uses stainless steel to strengthen the practical aspect and its stripes surface increases its quality.
  • The head part includes an extendable holder which can be pulled out from a strong magnetic snap. It can be extended by a clockwise rotate and stored by an opposite operating way.
  • The size of Rhino Hammer is much smaller than normal hammers in order to enhance its storage capabilities in the house or office as a stylish decoration.
  • You are going to have fun and be amazed by using Rhino Hammer. Also you may use the rhino as a bookend or paperweight since it provides enough weight.

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