Blu-Tack & Stick-Tack

Wall Adhesives - Blu-Tack, Stick-Tack, Glue Tack & More

It's the best of both worlds! With our removable wall adhesives such as Blu-Tack, Stick-Tack, Glue Tack and sticky putty, you can attach and remove your papers as often as you like, without leaving behind any residue. Never again will you have to worry about losing important information or having to search through a pile of paper to find what you need. Whether you're a student taking notes in class or a business professional preparing for a meeting, our wall adhesives will keep your posters in place. Check out our range of adhesive products such as Blu-Tack, Stick-Tack, Glue Tack, and more online on Stationery World.

Reusable And Removable Adhesives

Keep your memos and messages in place with reusable and removable adhesives. Whether you're sticking notes to a wall or attaching something to a door, our reusable and removable adhesive is the perfect tool for the job. Easily glue your papers in place, without leaving any unsightly residue once removed. Choose from a range of brands, products, and prices, from Bostik’s Large Blutack (75g, Blue) to Faber-Castell’s Tack-it Adhesive (75g) to Suremark’s Stick-tack Adhesive (50g, SQ-6650). Wish to have more options for your sticking needs? Consider our double-sided tape adhesives for walls.

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Bostik Blu-Tack 75g (L) - Blue
$3.29 [ min. 6 ]
Bostik Small Blutack 45g Blue
$2.37 [ min. 12 ]
Suremark Stick-tack Adhesive 50g SQ-6650
$2.17 [ min. 12 ]
Suremark Stick-Tack Adhesive 75g SQ-6651
$2.93 [ min. 12 ]
Faber-Castell Tack-it Adhesive 75g
$null [ min. 0 ]
Faber-Castell Tack-it Adhesive 50g
$null [ min. 0 ]
Deli Magic Tack 75g EA21710
$2.86 [ min. 12 ]
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