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Paper Clips of all Shapes and Sizes

Love it or hate it, paperwork will always be a part of office culture. There are various types of paper including foolscap paper, newsprint and printing paper. This multifunctional tool is present in almost all aspects of corporate work in Singapore and beyond – from official documents, contracts and materials for note-taking.

Then again, nobody likes dealing with endless piles of paper. It is inefficient, unsanitary and disorganized.

Instead of having to search for key documents in your paper stacks, why not use a paper clip or two to organize and fasten them. This way, you can enjoy a neater working space and keep your paper in place.

Want to get these paper clips? Make sure you get them from Stationery World!

Stationery World boasts an enormous collection of paper clips. We carry various sizes and shapes. Browse our collection today.

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Triangle Paperclips 25mm 625
$0.27 [ min. 10 ]
Triangle Paperclips 31mm Pack of 100
$null [ min. 0 ]
Colour Gem Paperclips 50mm
$null [ min. 0 ]
Colour Gem Paperclips 28mm
$null [ min. 0 ]
Abel Colour Thumb Tacks
$null [ min. 0 ]
STZ Ex Power Metal Clips 6.4mm 40728
$null [ min. 0 ]
STZ Ex Power Metal Clips 4.8mm 40727
$null [ min. 0 ]
Nusign Paper Clip NS106 Pack Of 10
$1.73 [ min. 12 ]
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