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Push Pins

Where to Find Push Pins

Despite the growth of the Internet of Things as well as extensive usage of digital platforms for notetaking, administrative work, and business, physical paperwork appears to be an inherent part of modern businesses today. 

In the workplace, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the alarming amount of paperwork. There are documents that need to be hand-signed as well as invoices that need to have a company stamp.

If you are someone who constantly struggles with endless piles of paperwork, why not consider using push pins to stick important reminders to a porous surface? 

All you need to do is find a porous surface (eg. paper, cardboard, sponge, styrofoam) and push the pin to attach your document to the surface. 

You could also use thumbtacks if you find that push pins are not as effective.  

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Map Push Pins Pack of 100
$1.61 inc. GST
BULK PRICE $1.44 inc. GST [ min 20 ]
Deli Push Pins 0031
$1.50 inc. GST $2.14
Deli Translucent Push Pins E0030
$2.35 inc. GST
BULK PRICE $2.09 inc. GST [ min 24 ]
Pentel Techniclick Mechanical Pencil PD 105T
$2.19 inc. GST
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