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Chung Hwa 2B Pencil 6181

S$1.50 After GST $1.61
Bulk Price:  S$1.20 (min 6) w/GST $1.28


Extra-refined, high-density graphite with 2B hardness, break resistant with high quality lead. The smear proof lines help produce crisp, clean drawings and the soft, dark lead is great for filling multiple choice questionnaires in school exams. The pack contains 12 pencils. Ideal for computer marking, office, graphing and drafting.


  • Break Resistant Leads: Made of high quality lead, soft but strong, not easy to break.
  • Smooth and Dark: Exceptionally smooth that it can glide through paper when writing and gives intense dark lines, perfect for drawing.


  • Package Contents: 1 x Chung Hwa 2B Pencil 6181

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