Casio EZ Label Cable Flexible Tape Cartridge 18mm Black On White XR-18HMWE

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The CASIO Flexible Tape Cartridge is ideal for adding vital hazard information to smooth, curved surfaces of small glass bottles and indoor/outdoor cable like USB cables and other cables with connectors.


  • High Strength and Durable: Extreme high-strength and fast-tack adhesive provides strong permanent bond.
  • Water and Heat Resistance: Resistance of water and high temperature.
  • Adhere to Smooth Curved Surface: Bonds well to smooth curved glass surface like medical bottles, USB cables and other cables with connectors.
  • Printer Compatibilty: Casio KL-HD1 Label Printer, Casio KL-G2 Label Printer, Casio KL-7400 Label Printer, Casio KL-820 Label Printer, Casio KL-120 Label Printer, Casio KL-60 Label Printer.


  • Color: Black on white
  • Dimensions approx: L: 5.5m x W: 18mm
  • Package Content: 1 roll
  • Weight: 500g