Cardboard Mailing Box T150/T150 BF 220X160X90mm (B-02) (Pack of 10 pcs)



Cardboard Mailing Box with dimensions of 220x160x90mm. It's constructed using single-wall corrugated cardboard perfect for small parcel mailing.

B flute corrugated cardboard material, The B flute has a denser structure of flutes compared to other types. This density provides an optimal balance of wall strength and crushing resistance, making it suitable for protecting contents from impacts during shipping. Its relatively flat surface is also conducive to high-quality printing and graphics.


  • Size: 220x160x90mm, ideal for small parcel shipping needs.
  • Internal Dimensions (mm): 217(L) X 157(W) X 84(H)
  • External Dimensions (mm): 220(L) X 160(W) X 90(H)
  • Board Thickness: 3mm
  • Joint Type: Stitch
  • Type: Single-wall, B flute corrugated.
  • Paper: 150GSM. Test 2 Partly recycled liner paper.
  • Flattened Size (unfolded) : 378x250mm