Cardboard Carton Box Small 300x200x150mm DW/RSC/BAF T150/M/T150 (Pack of 10 pcs)

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Cardboard Carton Box with dimensions of 300x200x150mm. It's constructed using double-wall corrugated cardboard for increased protection and durability. The cardboard grade is T150/M/T150, indicating its strength and suitability for transporting heavier items.

Standard RSC (Regular Slotted Container) design - Each flap has equal length, and the two outer flaps, are sized to be half the width of the container. This design ensures that they come together at the box's center when it is closed.

BA flute corrugated cardboard material, which is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. BA flute is thicker than other types, providing better cushioning, stacking strength, and puncture resistance. It's suitable for packaging larger items or products that require a higher level of protection during shipping and handling.


  • Size: 300x200x150mm, ideal for various storage and shipping needs.
  • Internal Dimensions (mm): 292(L) X 192(W) X 134(H)
  • External Dimensions (mm): 300(L) X 200(W) X 150(H)
  • Board Thickness: 8mm
  • Joint Type: Glue
  • Type: Double-wall, BA flute corrugated cardboard for enhanced structural integrity.
  • Paper: 150GSM. Partly recycled liner paper.
  • RSC Design: Efficient and easy to assemble with a secure closing mechanism.
  • BA Flute: Offers superior cushioning, stability, and resistance to impact.
  • Flattened Size (unfolded) : 497x365mm