Artline Stamp Pad No.2 87x143mm (Un-Inked)

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Crafted with a blend of metal and plastic, this stamp pad guarantees durability and reliability. Its fabric ink mat ensures smooth and consistent ink application, ideal for detailed impressions.

Designed for convenience, the stamp pad's surface resists drying out even during extended use, maintaining its usability over time. The Hi-seal feature includes a rubber seal that prevents ink from drying out when the pad is closed, preserving your ink and ensuring every stamp is crisp and clear. Perfect for office, craft, or personal use, the Artline Stamp Pad No.2 offers unmatched quality and longevity for all your stamping needs.


  • High-quality construction with metal and plastic components
  • Fabric ink mat for smooth and consistent ink application
  • Resistant to drying out when left open for prolonged periods
  • Hi-seal design with a rubber seal prevents ink from drying out when closed
  • Suitable for detailed impressions and regular use


  • Artline Stamp Pad No.2
  • Size: 87x143mm
  • Colour: Un-Inked