3M Scotch Titaniun Detachable Kitchen Scissors KS-DT

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The Scotch™ Titanium Kitchen Scissors are treated using 3M's Titanium coating process to enhance the ability of the material. The blades are 4X stronger than stainless steel, stays sharper longer and has superior sharpness for easy cutting. Its micro-serration blades add an extra level of sharpness, so the device is strong enough to cut through meat and bones, yet delicate enough to snip fresh herbs and fruits. The high corrosion resistance blades also has the ability to repel oil and is detachable for easy cleaning thus reducing bacteria breeding

  • 4X stronger then stainless steel -Superior sharpness and rust resistance
  • Oil repelling blades for easy cleaning
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Reduce bacteria breeding
  • Detachable blades for thorough cleaning and quick drying
  • Detachable for knife function
  • Note: can be detached and used as a knife to cut vegetables, fruits and softer meat
  • Not advisable for prolonged usage as knife.