3M Scotch-Brite Window Glass Surface Cleaner MPWGS/AS800-E


The new Scotch-Brite™ Window cleaner reinvents the window cleaning process into an effective and enjoyable experience. A lightweight, adjustable handle coupled with 3 different types of heads and 10X different angles, this is indeed a multipurpose tool that you cannot do without. It helps you effortlessly access both high and low hard-to-reach places such as top and bottom of furniture, ceiling and even car roofs! Definitely a smarter and safer way to clean!
  • Multipurpose 3IN1 Tools with Microfiber Pad, Delicate Care Souring Pad & Squeegee
  • 10X different angles
  • Light-weight
  • Great for both in & out-door cleaning (eg: hard to reach areas like your furniture, great for car roofs)
  • Safe, effective and time saving!