How To Choose The Best Travel Adaptor For Your Trip

By John, published on Jul 03, 2021
1 year, 6 months ago | 2 min read

How To Choose The Best Travel Adaptor For Your Trip

You’ve packed your bags, boarded your flight, checked into your hotel, and now it’s time to enjoy your long-awaited vacation. You decide to charge your phone before you head out as it’s running low - only to realise that the plug you’ve brought from home doesn’t fit into your hotel’s socket! Every traveller’s worst nightmare is landing in a new country only to find out they can’t plug in their phone or gadgets to charge. For business travellers or family travellers with young kids, this little mistake could be enough to ruin your plans.

There are currently 15 different plug types around the world, and while some plugs and sockets are interchangeable, it’s more likely you will encounter a different socket from what you’re used to in Singapore. Having the best travel adaptor possible is essential to ensuring your trip goes smoothly, and you can stay connected with loved ones without any worry. Here are 4 key tips to keep in mind when shopping for a travel adaptor:

4 Tips for Finding the Best Travel Adaptors

1. Get a universal travel adaptor that fits international socket types

Before you jet off to your destination, double-check the common socket types there. Universal travel adaptors like the Verbatim Universal Travel Adapter can suit a range of common socket types, making them suitable for frequent fliers who are used to trips across multiple destinations.

2. Ensure your travel adaptor comes with enough plugs

If you are travelling in a group, make sure to find a travel adaptor that has enough plugs for everyone. The Verbatim 4 Ports Travel Charger comes with 4 plugs so you can plug in multiple devices at the same time. In case of emergencies, you also don’t have to worry about seeking out additional plugs in your accommodations.

3. Opt for travel adaptors with USB plugs

Handphones, tablets, and more - travellers nowadays often bring along electronic gadgets that rely on USB cables to charge. Make sure your travel adaptor comes with at least 1 USB plug to ensure you can comfortably charge your gadgets. Some USB travel adaptors like the FYM Universal USB Travel Adaptor even have multiple USB plugs so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Even a simple Travel Adaptor with Dual USB can help you maximize your charging efficiency.

4. Look for travel adaptors with surge protection

Plugging in an appliance with an incorrect voltage can short out the battery, leading to damage in your gadget, overheating, small fires, or explosions. While most portable devices are now able to handle any kind of common voltage, it’s always good to be on the safe side. Take extra precautions by checking for the voltage it can withstand as well as any anti-overvoltage or anti-overcurrent protection features, like in the Verbatim Universal Travel Adaptor.

Find The Best Universal Travel Adaptors In Singapore At Stationery World

Stationery World offers a range of travel adaptors to suit your travel needs. Whether you’re taking a short weekend trip or booking a month-long stay overseas, having a reliable travel adaptor ensures you can stay connected no matter where you are in the world. Visit our e-commerce platform and shop online today, or check out our e-shopping FAQs to find out more.

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