How does a privacy screen for monitor work?

By John, published on Sep 17, 2021
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How Does a Privacy Screen for Computer Monitors Work?

Monitor privacy screens might not be common in Singapore offices, but they can be a useful tool to help employees get some privacy when they need it most. It also helps them feel less exposed when reading confidential documents or working on embargoed marketing campaigns. Besides, with many people working on the go nowadays, privacy screens can prevent important information from being leaked to the person sitting next to you on the train and protect your employees from having their logins compromised by people around them who take a glance at their screens.

But how do privacy screens for computer monitors work exactly?

Computer privacy screens usually come with a polarised sheet attached to a screen to limit the viewing angle of the screen to about 30 degrees on each side. Basically, the micro louvre, a metal fabric, act like window blinds for your computer so viewing is limited for people who are not sitting directly in front of the screen. The technology used is similar to the ones used on polarized sunglasses that reduce glare.

Black Out Privacy for Your Laptops

Here at Stationery World, we carry a series of privacy screens that are excellent when it comes to blacking out your screen to anyone but you. In other words, no one can read off your screen except you, at any given moment. The 3M™ Black Privacy Filters for laptops provide users with privacy by “blacking out” the screen for anyone who is viewing your screen from outside the 60-degree viewing angle. Despite its strong privacy feature, you will still be able to enjoy a high-resolution viewing experience as long as you are within range of the viewing angle. Other features of the 3M™ Black Privacy Filters include an anti-fingerprint matte surface, flip design for an easy switch between privacy and sharing, easy attachment and removal, anti-glare and blue light reduction functions.

If you are using a desktop, you can opt for the 3M Privacy Filter Widescreen PF19.0W which has the same functionalities, except it is made for bigger screens on a desktop computer.

Picking Out a Privacy Screen for Your Monitor

Convinced to purchase privacy screens for your staff in the office? Simply place your orders online at Stationery World today. Choose from our range of privacy filters for laptops and desktops to ensure maximum privacy and security for your staff who are working remotely or working in the office.

Cart out with a large order and be eligible for bulk prices on our e-commerce platform. Spend above $150 to qualify for free standard delivery.

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