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Time Card Rack for 25 Cards

S$17.50 After GST $18.73


Time cards rack for use with time card machine in office, factory, warehouse, etc. Features the expandable rack that can easily expand by sliding out the racks, add or remove rack to fit company size. The rack has 50 pockets and can hold up to 8.6 x 18.8(cm) card. Includes the self-adhesive number labels for assigning card slots.


  • High Quality Plastic: Made of premium plastic material, lightweight and durable.
  • Expandable Rack: 25 pocket capacity can be reduced or increased by removing pockets.
  • Easy to Install: Easily expand the racks and mount on wall with a hanging hole at the back.


  • Fit Cards Size: 8.6 x 18.8 (cm)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Time Card Rack for 25 Cards

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