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Brother Tape Cassette BK/GD 12MM M-831

S$15.50 After GST $16.59
Bulk Price:  S$14.50 (min 5) w/GST $15.52


BK/GD 12MM M-831
- M Tape for Brother PTouch Labelling Machines.
-Black Ink on Gold Tape
-Width of Tape 12mm
-Tape Length= 8m
-Compatiable PTouch Label Machine Models: PT55BM, PT55S, PT65, PT65SB, PT70, PT80, PT85, PT90, PT100, PT110
-Brother Tapes are available in many sizes and colors. For Laminated tapes, refer to TZ Tapes.
-Download the following to see various M and TZ tapes (width/colour) available and also respective compatiable Ptouch machines.

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