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Casio Warehouse Calculator MP-12R

S$15.90 After GST $17.01
Bulk Price:  S$15.10 (min 5) w/GST $16.16


Mini Desk Type (12 Digits)  - Ideal for Division Calculations Performed in Warehouse Shipping and Receiving 

The new MP-12R promotes work efficiency for people who perform remainder calculations on a daily basis, especially those working in warehouses for logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses. In addition to whole-number remainder calculations, the new calculator enables decimal remainder calculations, which are helpful in a wide range of situations.

The MP-12R also has a Day & Time Calculation function, which is handy for calculating the number of work days and hours required for an operation.

  • Remainder Calculation function for easy division calculations to find a quotient and remainder
  • Day & Time Calculation function that is useful for estimating the time and number of days required for warehouse operations
  • Tax Calculation function for handy price calculations including or not including tax
  • Two-way power based on both solar and lithium battery operation
Dimensions: 28.8H× 103W × 147D mm
Approx. Weight: 115g 
Two-Way Power (Solar + Lithium Battery)

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