Biosystem Laminator A3 C350

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Biosystem Laminator A3 C350 is designed for home, office and school use. Easy-to-use machine for high-quality lamination to protect and preserve your important documents such as cards, presentation materials and photos.


  • Temperature Sensor: Light turned Red when laminator is ready.
  • Reverse Button: Easily remove the documents with a small push on button.
  • Resistance Foot Pad: Increase resistance and friction between table and the laminator for maximum stability.
  • Porous Heat Dissipation: Effectively dissipate heat to prevent your machine from overheating and make it last longer year.


  • Size: A3 / A4
  • Colour: Grey
  • Laminating Pouch: 80 to 125 micron
  • Pouch Width: 340mm
  • Temperature Selection: 80mic or 125mic
  • Preheating Time: 5 - 10min
  • Jam Release Function: Yes
  • Number of Roller: 2 Rollers
  • Net Weight: 1.20kg
  • Product Dimension: W: 446 x H: 64 x D: 140 (mm)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Biosystem Laminator A3 C350

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